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5 reasons why you need to use marketing video

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

According to YouTube, the mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. Viewers digest new information faster through watching videos, making usage of this platform an effective marketing strategy. In fact, in 2018, 94% of marketers said they would continue to use marketing video in 2021, with 68% saying video generates better ROI as compare to Google Ads. Let’s find out what makes marketing video so powerful!

1. Key role of marketing video Marketing video is highly effective and used to deliver the intended message within a specific timeframe. Research showed 60% of millennials spending more than 30 minutes every day on popular video network such as YouTube. Videos can be engaging, entertaining or educational for the viewers. For example, we produced a marketing video for our client and we focus on showcasing the safety features of the car seat. In order to grab the attention of customers, we demonstrated how removable cushions and adjustable headrest being aligned with the car seat to provide best resting position for your child.

2. Five(5) key reasons on why we need to use marketing video

  • Improving SEO Video is a first-to-go-to strategy when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. Evidently, blogs with videos can increase organic search results by up to 157% and videos are expected to make up 80% of internet traffic by 2021. Furthermore, Google often prioritises video content and will shows a video thumbnail next to a search result and that users are more likely to interact with that listing, resulting in higher click-through rates. Digital Marketers are able to improve SEO effort by putting headlines, titles, descriptions and keywords when listing the video to gain more organic traffic.

  • Leads conversion Statistics showed that 90% of consumers were influenced to purchase after watching a product marketing video. Customers engage with rich media content such as videos more than text on the website. In other words, videos work as a charm to attract customers’ attention. While watching a video, visitors may stay longer on your website. Car parts retailer Advance Auto Parts has found that the visitors who watch the instructional and how-to videos on the website and on their Facebook page stay on the website twice longer and visit more pages versus those who do not see the video.

  • Enhance brand awareness Price and quality are not the only two aspects that customers focus on. They also expect the brand to be environmentally friendly, socially responsible as a corporation and many others. All of these elements can be expressed through a marketing video. Building up a strong brand in a marketing video is far more powerful marketing strategy than conventional promotion as it evokes emotion. For example, Dove published a Real Beauty Sketches video under the campaign of the same name. It went viral globally and gained 8.6 million views 40,000 shares on Facebook. Sales have increased from $2.5 billion to $4 billion after running the campaign.

  • Reach different group of audience Marketing video is commonly used in B2C and B2B platforms. Statistics showed that 75% of executives watch work-related videos on their corporate websites at least once a week while 96% of B2B organizations use video content in their marketing campaigns. In a fast-paced world, business executives are time-poor to read lengthy articles. Hence, a 3-minute-video is the ideal timeframe to target the business sector.

  • Stay competitive If all reasons above are not convincing enough, this last reason might change your mind: video marketing enables corporations to stay competitive. A source from Outbrain stated that 87% of online marketers use video content to promote their product or services. According to Statista, investment in the Video Advertising segment is projected to reach US$37,418m in 2021 and is increasing daily. In the business world, you will need to keep up with current trend and how can you do better than your competitors in capturing attention from customers.

3. Type of marketing videos

There are different types of marketing videos to choose from. These are the four main types of marketing videos:

  • Advertising and promotion This is one of the most common video types with the main objective of drawing attention to the products/services. It is divided into many different sub categories: Product marketing videos, product demonstration, launch videos, project mappings videos, live videos and others. The video below is an example of product marketing video.

  • Customer videos Having a customer talking about your product’s quality would be a more reliable source that will help to boost the brand advocacy. Many companies thus use third parties’ voices to highlight the unique selling points of their products/services. There are three main categories namely customers’ testimonials (the example video below), customers’ success story, 3rd party product reviews, and unboxing videos.

  • Corporate public relation video Public relations is about strengthening relationships and communicating with the community that the company is part of. Consumers are now concerned how brands take responsibility for their business. There are four main categories such as corporate social responsibility videos, investor relations, videos press releases and public service announcements. The example below conveys a clear message from StarHub about gender inequality and how the company acts towards this issue. After it was published, the video gained tonnes of positive reactions from the public.

4. Conclusions

As more local marketers recognized the huge benefits from marketing video. More companies have been providing marketing video production services in Singapore to meet the high demands of the market. To produce a good marketing video, it will requires you to invest a lot of time and efforts. Here in DNA Hub, we can take away your hard works and help you to create compelling marketing videos in a quick turnaround time.

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