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Why your business needs Product Infographic?

A research done by Thermopylae, has indicated [1]90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals are known to improve learning and retention by [2]400%.

The origin of the word “infographic” is a combination of “information” and “graphic”. Product infographic focuses on highlighting the specifications and the unique selling points of the product. Product infographics are used in reports, presentations, but mostly for advertising. Over the years, infographic has increasingly become a popular marketing content strategy for businesses, especially to present a brand or product information more attractively to potential customers.

1. Who uses product infographics?

It is imperative for a seller to leverage on captivating product infographics to capture attention of busy customers especially in the world of E-Commerce. As infographic is easy to read, understand and remember, it is usually one of the top choices for marketers to advertise products. According to [3]One Spot – a leading marketing technology company, infographic can improve website traffic by 12% thereby increasing the chances of conversion. Content marketing is a real challenge when it comes to increasing the sales of a quality product. [4]70% of global marketers recognize this problem and their companies are actively utilizing good content marketing practices for their business and infographics are the fourth most used type of content marketing.

2. Where are product infographics used in?

Product infographics are used in different platforms like social media, emails, websites, advertisements. For example, E-commerce is a rapidly growing and immensely competitive sector, driving businesses to constantly improve their marketing tactics to attract customers. Product infographic is a marketing method which comes in as a useful tool for customers to quickly get all of the product’s information. Furthermore, product infographics can be customisable to suit sellers to convey any specific theme and tone of voice.

3. How is product infographic benefiting your business?

In 2015, Microsoft conducted a study measuring how long people can focus on one thing for a specific amount of time. The result was [5]8 seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain. Moreover, a research from 3M found out that the brain processes visuals [6]60,000 times faster than text. With these two factors considered, one of the most effective ways to capture buyers’ attention is surely through a product infographic.

If you are running a business, using product infographics is a highly recommended way of advertising. Instead of reading hundreds of words about your products, viewers will find it easier to look at a product infographic. Looking at the two posters below, Poster A is listing down all the health benefits in text format compare to Poster B where visuals are used to complement to each health benefit. Most of audiences will likely be more attracted to Poster B as it helps to relay messages more efficiently and retain their attention. Infographic indeed captures viewers’ attention with compelling, descriptive visuals and colours.

4. What is a good product infographic?

A good product infographic looks simple, yet informative. There are two parts of a product infographic: product photography and graphic design. The photographer captures specific parts of the product according to its unique selling points. The graphic designer arranges and create synergy between the given photos and text. The collaboration of graphic designers and photographers is crucial to deliver high quality infographics. If miscommunication occurs, the tasks would take longer to finish, creating frustration. For instance, infographic A looks repetitive and does not highlight the specifications vividly by using same background to illustrate each selling point. In contrast, infographic B illustrates unique selling points clearer with detailed illustrations. From this example, it is undeniable that the quality of an infographic can influence the viewers greatly.

Product infographic is highly recommended marketing strategy to better illustrate your products to connect with your audience. If you are having challenges in designing a good infographic, you can approach our designers who can help to give your brand a visual lift by presenting your brand or product information in attractive graphics that communicate your brand story and highlight selling points of your product better.

Contact us to find out more.

Below is a sample infographic to summarise this article:

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