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Digital content creation is eligible for SMF STEER Fund!

We are proud to be selected to provide Digital Content Creation service under the SMF ACTS! STEER Fund to help SMF members emerge stronger and tide over challenges arising from COVID-19 through internationalisation. 

Photography Accessories

What is SMF STEER Program? 
(Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) SG Together Enhancing Enterprise Resilience (STEER))

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SMF is launching a STEER fund to help businesses where eligible SMF &/or GS1 Affiliate members can get funding (up to 70% & maximum of $1,000)* per company for a range of services, including digital content creation.

In view of the current challenging times, the SMF, as one of the leading national TACs stands united to work with government agencies to provide assistance to our members in the manufacturing community. The SMF Council has approved the proposal to set-up the SMF ACTS Fund (FUND) under the STEER programme to assist members.


The objective of the initiative is to help SMF members build up their business capabilities through business model innovation; reskilling and upskilling of workers through training, as well as to provide some assistance for businesses as they seek to provide workplace protection.

Our range of services include: 


PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY (Lifestyle & Food Styling) 

Editing an Image


Organized Desk



Fashion Blog


Baking Home Video


Man on Computer


*Contents created have to be used for online trade fairs/exhibitions or e-business missions.

How to order?

Step 1

Fill up the enquiry form or contact us via email at

Step 2

The DNA Hub staff will get in touch with you to discuss on the details.

Step 3

Arrange your product delivery to DNA Hub at

2985 Jalan Bukit Merah.

Step 4

Make Payment for the signed package and DNA Hub Team will get in touch with you once completed.

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