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What is productBC?

productBC is The DNA Hub's Product Birth Certificate.

Every product image that we capture is essentially compiled and "borne" in
The DNA Hub.


The currency in digital markets is content. Companies that are successful online understand one thing; online consumers do not buy products but content. Sourcing of content from brand owners and suppliers is a key requirement for retailers’ online success. That success eventually will translate into more sales for the sellers.

Share trusted product data easily with your stakeholders including customers.

Read on to find out how it works.

Your products begin their productBC
journey with The DNA Hub

We will capture the product attributes from the packaging

We will give your product the the professional photo shoot it deserves.

Through our knowledge of industry standards and our close working relationships with retailers and brand owners, we help compile your product information and product images into a trusted source of data for all your marketing and sales distribution channels.

productBC will truly create:

  One common data definition for each type of product.

  An industry-agreed set of data attributes.

  A single view of product data and professional images for retailers, suppliers and shoppers.

  Content that are eMarket ready:

Product images can be used with eTailers and eMarketplaces

Product images are of high quality that can be used on both online and offline media

Product data is business partner ready for submission or upload


With productBC, we save you the hassle of taking time to do this yourself. Let us do all the product image and data capture for you.  Now you have more time for your business growth!


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