What is Mobile Hero Image?

With the increasing trend of smartphone and tablet owners using their devices for online research and transactions; online shopping has evolve into mCommerce. Product image and packshot has to be mobile ready for optimum visibility and information sharing.


Whilst having all the convenience of shopping on your smartphone or tablet, scrolling through all the packshot of the product can be visually attractive but lack critical product information.

As a brand owner / retailer, you will want your product to stand out from the competition and increase click-thru and sales on online platforms. With Mobile Hero Image, you can achieve optimum results.

Standard Packshot image

Mobile Hero Image


Mobile Hero Image helps to improve the way of mCommerce shopping experience.


In the Mobile Hero Image, key product attributes such as product size, brand and quantity are clearly indicated  to give consumers the most essential information

while shopping  and provide the utmost shopping experience.

Mobile Hero Image: Implementing Callouts

At The DNA Hub,

we provide various Mobile Hero Image templates to cater to all your needs.

Various Templates available to suit your product:

Actual samples of Mobile Hero Image

All sample images rights belongs to their respective brands and manufacturers.

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