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weXCHANGE powered by Syndy


weXCHANGE's technology exists to radically improve the way companies store, manage and distribute product content. Through one unified platform experience, weXCHANGE enables brands to instantly create retailer-specific templates, send templates by email directly to retailers or establish real-time API connections, track content delivery and downloads as well as easily store, manage and update product content and digital assets for internal use, powered by direct integrations with internal and external data sources.


From a functional point of view, weXCHANGE offers an in-house technical solution (Software-as-a-Service) with the following capabilities;

  • Importing of product data

  • Management of product data and assets (PIM/DAM)

  • Syndication/distribution of product data

  • Retailer compatibility / coverage (e.g. template creation) for all retailers

  • Syndicate services / maintenance of templates


Besides technical capabilities like content storage, management and distribution solution, weXCHANGE offers services including 1) imports and data services 2) reporting 3) custom platform development.

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