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GS1 Singapore and Syndy enter strategic partnership

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Posted by Pierre Dupuis-Blankevoort, on July 31, 2018.

GS1 Singapore and Syndy enter strategic partnership to local help Brands and Retailers exchange e-Commerce product data.

Singapore, 1 August 2018 – Syndy, the online platform for Brands and Retailers to exchange product content, and not-for-profit global standards GS1 Singapore entered a strategic partnership to help local manufacturers and retailers create and exchange high-quality product content for e-Commerce use.

“By partnering with Syndy we can offer the Singapore community access to a proven technology that enables fast and effective exchange of trusted product content between manufacturers and retailers; a pre-requisite market condition for companies to compete in today’s highly competitive global eCommerce space. Overall, the GS1-Syndy platform offers not only efficient content exchange but importantly, a trusted source of product content to help promote collaboration and trust between brands, retailers and consumers ”, says Mr. Liew Wai Leong, CEO GS1.

GS1 Singapore recently set up The DNA Hub, a Digital Content Creation Centre that offers brands and retailers access to professional content creation services, like product photography, data capture and SEO copywriting. Syndy helped setup the studio and acts as advisor to ensure global content creation best-practices are shared with The DNA Hub, and its clients, marking the first milestone of this partnership.

In the coming months, Syndy and GS1 will start their first pilots with retailers and brand manufacturers. The end goal of the partnership is to have every local brand and manufacturer, including SMEs, gain access to a simple tool that can get the right product content to their retailers, quickly and easily.

“Together with GS1 we’ll be working to launch Syndy in Singapore and customise the platform to meet local brands and retailers needs, while evenly ensuring our learnings from Europe and recently China are leveraged here to best serve the local community. We’re excited about this opportunity” says Mr. Pieter van Herpen, CEO of Syndy.

About Syndy:

Syndy is an online platform for manufacturers to exchange customised product content, video’s and images with online retailers. The company has developed a powerful technology that empowers manufacturers to easily send highly-customised digital information about their products to retailers. Thousands of manufacturers including leading brands like Unilever, Friesland Campina, Nestlé and Philips already use Syndy to quickly deliver consistent, up-to-date product content to retailers globally, in a format desired by each retailer. Syndy tracks content delivery and is exploring the integration of eCommerce analytics across its platform.

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About GS1 Singapore​:GS1 Singapore is part of the not-for-profit GS1 organisation based in Brussels, Belgium with offices in 112 countries and is affiliated to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

GS1 Singapore has more than 2,000 member companies across multiple sectors and is working with organisations and public agencies to promote and drive adoption of standards, helping Singapore companies improve their competitiveness, operational efficiencies and supply chain management.

GS1 Standards leverage on technology tools such as Barcoding, RFID, and EDI, etc. to facilitate interoperability and provide supply chain structure to industries including Retail, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Transport and Logistics, Technical Industries and Finance, locally and globally.

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